Building using polystyrene ukambani ndaani

Hello wise elders I am looking forward to having my own house by the end of the year and has been researching on modern ways of building one.

Nimecheki hii new technology of building with eps panels na imenipendeza.How viable is such a technology?Plus I want a referral to the best construction company that can do the job efficiently if I decide to go forward with the project.

I have in mind a two bedroom house with an open Plan kitchen

Asande sana

Mbona unapatia wakora easy job ya kukuta wewe?

Kiaje mkubwa

Don’t waste your time with those things. Build with locally available materials

It has alot of wastage and the cost practically the same as stone and motar… kama kuna mawe kwenu hire watu wachonge na umalize io biashara.

I don’t care I have the money I want it

:D:D:D… Good luck.

A fool and his money are soon parted.

Pia mimi ningependa kuongeza a single storey to an existing house. EPS seems appealing coz of it’s light weight profile. @Randy ebu leta maoni.

that technology has only one advantage, speed of completing the house… and the disadvantages are too many 1) it is not cheaper, 2) it is not as strong, 3) it will limit the flexibility to makes adjustments to the design later and even making repairs will be an issue, 4) will limit the options you have for finishings, 5) house will look and feel cheap/fake, and many more

You need a structural engineer to access the integrity of your wall and foundation before you do anything.

Mtu anauliza swali na akipewa jibu anaanza kupayuka vile he has money and doesn’t care. Why did you ask if you don’t care?

Tumia prefab concrete slabs instead

I read kwa website ya one of those alternative materials companies where they said that you need s good fence, preferably stone wall erected since it is easy for thieves to break in. Plus, the alternative material they sell are expensive than stone and motor. They kept emphasizing that the period it takes for construction is reduced by some percentage. That, i guess is the only advantage of using such.

You liked just the technology and after being advised better you say you don’t care. I think you want to pull a shocker among your villagemates … Not a bad thing go on bro. The technology is better where you want to insulate your house when building in cold areas like limuru,kinangop, and other cold areas or for modular construction in remote areas.

Two bedroom ni ndogo sana,uko na buroti kwanza


Locally available materials are overpriced by thieving conmen

Kwani nyumba ya mawe ndio mwizi hawezi ingia???

Zingine hata wanapiga na nyundo wanapita na ukuta.

This new technology if adopted by a majority would make housing cheap and available to many. Nyumba ya mawe ni expensive hadi kwa maintenance. And good stones are hard to come by.

Nyumba ya mawe false sense of security :