Building Materials Yard: Dynamics & Case Study

Do you want to start a Building Materials Yard business ? Selling Sand, Stones, Ballast and the like? Then get this guide which contains:

[li]Overview[/li][li]The Materials Flow[/li][li]Where the Yard Fits In[/li][li]Starting: Basic Requirements[/li][li]The Yard Space[/li][li]Other Equipment[/li][li]Wheelbarrows[/li][li]Spades[/li][li]Setting Up Costs[/li][li]Notes on Setting Up Costs .[/li][li]Licenses[/li][li]The Materials[/li][li]Fast Moving Materials (First Tier)[/li][li]Other Materials ( Second Tier)[/li][li]Stocking[/li][li]Sourcing The Materials .[/li][li]Transporters : Case Study .[/li][li]Lorry Type 1:[/li][li]Lorry Type 2[/li][li]Lorry Type 3:[/li][li]Lorry Type 4:[/li][li]Lorry Type 5[/li][li]Lorry Type 6:[/li][li]Actual Weigh vs Customer Weight[/li][li]Case Study: Buying Price per Tonne[/li][li]Case Study: Revenue & Margins[/li][li]A Note on Stones[/li][li]Winning Customers[/li][li]Manpower[/li][li]Competition[/li][li]Overview[/li][li]What Competition Is Based On [/li][li]Much more[/li][/ul]

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