BUGATTI Chiron 0-400-0 km/h in 42 seconds – A WORLD RECORD #IAA2017

that shit just covered 3Km+ in 42 seconds


Which car was recording? It’s damn fast too

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Chopper since it doesn’t look like a rail track capture camera
Edit saw an on track sequence capture

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Hehehe speedometer inaruka ikichange gear.

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Those details are gonna be on the next record attempt …din you get the snippet at the end…



Nugu umepost kitu ya maana kutoka ugundue hii shimo, jinga sana

Usilete umama wako hapa kama hauna kitu ya maana ka nje

shait…amazing. …
These are the true brutally fast automobiles
Check out the beasts from sweden

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chopper? at that angle?

Vile 180 naonanga njia ikifunguka mbele yangu hiyo 400 kuna kitu mtu aneaza ona kweli? Ama unatumia instrumentation kama ndege.

The brakes must be glowing red! That is too too fresh!

where when and why would be driving at 400km/s.thats non sense speed

Mindset ya peasant…


Mercedes also dropped their teaser jana…

Cant wait for the Grand Tour So much content from the Luxury cars and then they bring their usual fuckery Gold

Some places were on track cameras(cameras placed at points on the track for the shots but most looks like its a bunch of choppers nothing can go that fast off road

Hii place inakaa Kimende

on our roads utaacha tires kwa speed bumps

You’ve clearly never been to the autobahn

I don’t even know wht the he’ll is that but I knw I’ve never felt the need to go at 180kmph