Bug bounty. Urgent

Am in a dilemma.
Kuna hii org I once connected to their LAN. So during my here and there trying to get into their servers, I was luckly to access one of their servers, it was so weak that after accessing I quickly changed the password.
so this server has been under my for almost 1 yr. At times when am bored I switch it off. Na wanakaa for kitu 3 days before they realize ku I restart manually. Now my dilemma is Hawa watu niliapply job huko wakaninyima despite having seen my potential. So how can I email this issue niwaambie their system was weak I hacked it and fixed it? Again nataka watoboke kitu Kama 100gees before niwape logins. Another problem can they Sue
me for hacking their system?

And as am bored Leo naifunga though sitaki kuharibu any files nimekua nikiwaspare.

Bottom of the barrel trash.Blackmail and sabotage is how terrorists operate. I hope you get caught hizo skills zako upeleke kamiti.

Hack mail ya hr ujiinvite for a job interview …then uwashow skills tena

Your hope bt in reality I won’t get caught

That is despicable. Can you not find a job elsewhere? why hold them ransom?

You just proved them right in denying you a job in a sensitive part of their organisation. Quite clearly they rightfully judged you as someone with poor ethics and bound to engage in malpractices.

  1. kwanza tuanzie maana ya Bug Bounty


meaning kama hiyo org haina such program then hutalipwa, move on with your life

  1. If you are a good hacker, why are you so stuck on one company? Yaani ulinyimwa interview over a year ago but you are still crazy about them, kwani they are the only company you can work for?

  2. not a point but just fucking move on with your life. hiyo ujinga unataka kufanya ni blackmail. soma the new Cybercrimes bill na utajua hiyo upuss unafanya will land you in hot soup. There is a shortage of infosec guys everywhere, try ad apply hizo. Hata Safcom huwa na CTF’s kwa some of their interviews, jaribu huko

Would you honestly hire someone in your own company that you found out held your own systems at ransom & blackmail the same way? Even if you did, that would be stupid & you’ll always look over your shoulder in regards to him.

Stop chest-thumbing my friend, you probably don’t know shit, that’s why they didn’t hire your ass, people who know their shit don’t go around bragging…

If you had access to their LAN, then it’s child’s play to sniff employees passwords and use them to access the servers.

This are the kind of people i would take seriously;

With those kinda tactics try applying at NIS before you get caught & prosecuted.

Bt am controlling it without LAN.
And the server I.P is not public
You can’t hack anything by just sitting down say you want to hack Facebook.
You must have a starting place

I did this after declining my request

Am somewhere else
Am holding it just to control it at my own pace.

See, you just confirmed my point that you don’t know shit, people who know what they are doing can hack pretty much anything from the comforts of their bedroom…

And yes you can sit down and hack Facebook if you are really good and you know what you are doing.
My point is anything that is connected to the internet can be hacked…

Just know that was my starting point can you educate me how to get into a server that you don’t know it’s I.P

The audacity, you’re even trying to justify it. Your lack of ethics & integrity must’ve smeared itself in everything you touch even applications. What stinks like shit probably is shit.

First of all, which OS do you use for your nefarious activities?

tafuta kazi kwingine


Are you interviewing me?

yes, i’m trying to see how much you know about security and hacking.