Kuna mahali nimesoma umeandika eti you and your wife didn’t care to vote eti because you knew it was going to be a ‘landslide’ for Uhuruto any way.

All the respect I had for you has just gone down the drain like that. I mean, how can you be such a navel-gazing asshole surely when we have been waging ‘war’ here daily and encouraging each other to tokea tokea?

I was unwell today but I drove from Nairobi to Kijabe (round trip of 140kms) braved some huge trucks and potholes, to cast my vote and when I get back home I find you bragging about not being bothered? You think your online support for Uhuruto counts for anything if you can’t even walk to a polling station?

What would happen if everybody shrugged off their shoulders and just walked away?

I am honestly hurt in a personal way. There are people here I expect much of, and you were one of them. I personally respect people with a passion, people who stand for something which is why I never get bothered with people like @Grundy - THEY STAND FOR SOMETHING.

Do you? Shame on you, sir.


You’re right there, you know. I vote despite that it was only a Jubilee affair, I voted because I wanted to affirm that #RWNEBP

Eti navel gazing… Wtf! Hii shule ya matusi si mzoori

Personally I traversed 3 counties to go and vote,very early indeed.It was rainy na kibii (mist) ya Limuru,then i read that comment by Budspencer,my heart sunk.Altogether am not hurt coz my vote will not be in vain

He has hurt me in a way I just do not understand. It’s like your best friend sleeps with your wife.

Team UOTP tulitokea kuharibu kura.

Angalia spoilt votes, 1M minimum

Its our Democratic right

Count you woes and soldier on.The way he talked our pain might be a non issue to him-he might not see your point

Actually, that was very nice of you. IT RAISES turn-out and legitimises Uhuru’s win…

i actually left kajiado county at 0400hrs n travelled all the way to Tala, Kangundo,… im not from that county, only registered thre coz i was working thre around 2013,… had to go out n vote, i owe that right to myself,

i was also set aback by that statement but later gave him the benefit of doubt when he explained that he was at work.


I did not see that explanation, but even policemen were voting baana…and was his wife at work too?

What win? What election?

This has to be the most shambolic exercise I have ever seen. You cannot be a president with those numbers I saw at the polling stations.

Utaambia nini watu? Ati it was Democratic? Roho safi uhunye ako na kibarua in the coming days

Was among the first in the line

I thought Chebukatineza has said that turn-out so far is about 48% of registered voters? Withe all the interruptions and intimidation, that’s pretty good considering Uhuru is getting all the votes - he’ll about make his 8/8 tally…

yes, he explained that he and his spouse were at work. i choose to take a gentleman’s word until new information/behaviour turns up to negate my earlier assessment.

Daytime watchie Nyongesa voted between 6 and 7 and was at work by 8.

If @Budspencer put work before voting, it’s very tragic.

you are a sellout–whats the actual words auntie nyap is using?

Those numbers cannot even reach 30%.

50% threshold won’t be achieved unless they cook numbers. Unlike you mzee, me ni kijana. Nilianza Roundi 10

Hii umira thukira yenu was overrated.

5 M votes ngumu kama Mawe.