Budget ya 15k phone

I have been using Tecno phones since 2013. For that time I cannot complain their efficiency. However, I am considering migrating to other brands. The most important spec is the space and clarity of camera. I need advice on the best phone in the market worth 15k.

Ongeza 2k ukushikie xiaomi redmi 10,itakuwa worth hio pesa,trust me

100% agree

Tulisema iko na software issues

15K smartphones in the local market are almost all the same. Difference ni majina tu. Unafunga macho unaokota ile iko karibu na wewe.



camera yake iko fiti,naona ni 50MP

poco m3 ndio best candidate
but my advice ongeza pesa ushike phone ya 20k+

Eeeh and iko tu fluid…ni kitu utakam kuenjoy

how about an infinix phone?

Mnaambiwa anataka budget ya 15k mnamwambia aongeze pesa. Whatch wrong with yall ?


lazima tuexplore options kadhaa…infinix iko aje?

Io achia macucu ama watoto wa shule

I think it was software related problems,but this one is doesn’t have such issues

2k isn’t much

Sababu it was affecting specific models

It was not software because in most cases the affected phones were normally replaced or refunds given the reason being that they could not be repaired successfully.


Nokia 3.4 4/64 13.5K, bought it for my son 1st year uni