Budget phone

Any recommendations for a 20K budget phone? What are the reviews of Oppo and Redmi note like, within that budget? My main interest are battery life and camera resolution. Thanks.

How about Nokia, they seem to have a comeback to the market?

I’m using OPPO A31, costs kitu 19k, good user experience n all. Camera ndio iko chini 12 mp triple. Still better than all “made for african”. Phones.

My cousin uses Redmi note 9 pro, kiti 24-25k. Camera iko fiti,48mp plus Batery ni 5000, nice phone

The reason I opted for OPPO ni juu wako on market long enough compared to Redmi.

This is quite informational, thank you. It’s important to invest in a phone that have a long term strategy in the market.

just get a samsung A31


Infinix note 8 its a nice phone with 5200 mah


Techno camon

Nisiskie mtu akisema phone ya 20K ni budget phone.

I decided to go for an Oppo A92. Safaricom have an offer.

Good. Waiting for reviews.
But I say, if you have never, the day you will use a big phone you will never go looking for budget phones, unless it be on an emergency or for backup.

I would say… This is better than Xiaomi but siwezi amini safaricom prices

Actually, I firstly went to a muhindi shop at VM. He gave me three phone options with high specs in the 20-30K budget, but was convincing me to get an Oppo A93 for 31K. He said a Samsung equivalent to that was a phone going for 55K…(Can’t remember the model). I decided to go to Safaricom to compare prices, but found an Oppo A92 with similar specs as Oppo A93, except for the dual sim. I checked prices on Jumia and an Oppo A92 averages at 28,999. Safaricom had it at 25,999. To add on to this, I had bonga points, so I ended up purchasing it at 23K. I saved some cash, alright.

Also, Oppo A92 battery size is 5000 mAh, while Oppo A93 is 4000 mAh. Bigger battery, but phone doesn’t feel heavy imo.

Get a Samsung or Nokia. Achana na Chinese shiet. Bado unaangali camera in pixels?

No, you did not save nothing! Bonga points are nowadays also equated to actual money. If you liked the A92 more than the a93 that’s alright. But remember you sacrificed a very important convenience. You went for a single sim phone instead of a dual sim. Single sim phones will forever be cheaper than dual sim. And… about the battery capacity, I reserve my comment about that. So if you think you saved… Eeh… I think the most important thing is that you are happy and satisfied with what you bought.

I am happy with my purchase, indeed and still think I saved some money based on what other retailers are selling it at and the bonga points used, which I hardly think about. I have never used a dual SIM before, so I’m not missing it. I generally have two phones at a time anyway…one for personal and the other for official use.