Budget analysis

Financial experts on KT pls give us the analysis

I will give proper analysis…check inbox

Nimeskia ati youths watakua wanatoa 10000 towards an ajira platform ati ndio wakue exempted from tax for 3yrs… Swali yangu ni rahisi… Izo pesa tunatoa wapi??

Budget 2019


From Kenya is an agricultural country to Kenya is a corrupt country.

Education…!!! We threw these country into a socialist idea that seemed populists and will never come out of it. Free shiit for everyone!!!

Wameongeza pesa ya pombe na cigara kama kawaida.

This is a sign of a clueless government that has no idea on how to come up with new tax sources and is heavily reliant on sin tax every year. In short, government ya upuzi that is not creating new sectors and new job opportunities. Meffi nyinyi wote mliimba kumira kumira.

Nothing ground breaking, WH VAT is a headache to all accountants, he should have scrapped it. As usual drinkers and smokers bear the biggest burden. Still sending 2.4bn to irrigation izame. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Nothing substantial for Agriculture in terms of subsidies.

Kuna venye our budget is larger than , and combined… We’re working on deficits and justification of borrowing on percentage of GDP is just trash… Just coz we’re making money doesn’t mean that it should go away to paying debts… How hard can it be to live within our means…

Nimeenda Google kuona Ajira platform ni nini nimecheka yangu yote. Is that what the government calls creating jobs?

Then Rotich says local made motherboards will be exemp to VAT to promote manufacturing. This government is nuts!!! How can we improve manufuctering when some manufuctering equipments are heavily taxed at the port?

Wanakula pesa kukula… You thought the housing levy was the end… Wameona watu wanafanya kazi wana sauti lakini yut hawana ya kutosha

These people don’t take health docket seriously

If they keep doing that, It will be 100% soon enough

Jisomee. Basically nothing new.

I will buy a small brewing machine and go off the grid.

Why did they have to hide this: "…The National Treasury has also proposed a 30 to 35 per cent excise duty rate on high end vehicles with the rate for 1500 cc engine cars set to vary between 20 and 25 per cent. "

I agree agriculture should have also carried much of the budget. The cost of animal feeds should have been subsidized

Hii smile ni ya wizi :smiley:

How much have those agencies recovered or saved from graft?