brothel capital

If I had a brothel mimi hao malanye ningekuwa nimewapitia…

Like a case of a German who was starting a brothel and he invited ladies to apply and become whores…guess what the interview entailed??

You are to have sex with him in different positions and impress him…if he is not impressed you don’t get the job…right now the brothel has 50 whores of whom he has fucked all of them…na bado kuna wale aliwapitia but hawakupewa kazi…


Stay safe from what kaimera? And what is the moral of the story???

leta efidense video , sketch , xray , PDF

infrared,thermal imagery
na heat map ya brothel ama wacha tu …

Sio lazima brothel, I see young pub owners inviting 10s of potential waitresses for interviews and most of those interviews lazima upeane slices. Some carry out such interviews once very month inviting many but end up only employing 4 or 5 girls na mwisho wa mwezi wanafutwa and cycle continues.

What’s the purpose of this thread anyway?
The title implies you are about to tell us about a brothel capital and then what?

Upussy mingi ndo unakuaga nao.

This thread has AIDs

Grow up and think on issues that can upgrade you miserable life!

While your agemates are grabbing lands you busy thinking on how to grab some dilapidated puthies

ka isemer

Nasikia Rico wanauza shares

Ango, you want to steal someone’s business idea…

He has a vagoo maybe

Vagoo ni model mpya ya gari ama namna gani?

You shouldnt play around with business merchandise

Kukula stock?:smiley: