Broken News: Sepp Blatter resigns!!

International media reporting that the beleaguered FIFA President has finally chosen to resign to pave way for investigations into corruption allegations at the world soccer body.

kwani wamechomoa nini hiyo to make him resign, kalikuwa kamekwama kiu-mugabe


I wonder. So soon after the election. Now he’s calling for another FIFA congress ASAP (as reported on CCTV).

Sponsors were under pressure to withdraw support ikabidi

John Oliver chomoad this on Sundays show

its was due

nyamwea should note this

Nyamweya ti start packing, his godfather is finally leaving. On Sunday I read two contrasting articles by Sunday Nation writers, Muriithi Mutiga and Kwendo Opanga on Sept Blatter, I felt Kwendo made more sense by calling for change at Fifa while Muriithi was all for Blatter, that he was more pro-Africa and against European domination of global football. Very hollow reasoning… Duh!

After all the drama and now he finally bows… Shame

Hope FIFA is reformed so that Governments can take action of corrupt national federations

Same thing in int’l media. Just today morning I watched an a commentator on RT News sing lotsa praises for Blatter.

This is epic

The Greek god of aspiring DJs :smiley: :smiley: :D. A hilarious yet factual look at the state of affairs over there.

The Anglo-Saxon Conspiracy wins again! People like Mathiso do not have the ability to understand geopolitics like Mutiga does.

Just ask yourself, if democracy (and due process) is so important, why dont we elect the heads of IMF or the World Bank? Why does a mafioso of 5 have the right to veto ALL the other countries (imagine ati Britain can veto what India and Brazil have passed at the General Assembly!!!)

Its things like these that make me to want join IS and behead a few infidels - until I remember am a Kaffir myself

Aaaaaaargh!!! Death to the Great Satan!


the western forces want to control everything, they should left fifa to run itself, i read they were also planning to stage parallel world cups in 2018 and 2022

The US arrested the FIFA officials yet it’s not known as a real football nation unlike European countries or Latin America. Why didn’t another country like Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Kenya arrest them? Who gave the US power to control everything? Just like they’re doing spying the islands China is reclaiming. When something happens in an African country the say they’re “concerned” (pleased).


The FBI can come for you wherever you are so long as there is an extradition treaty. Some officials committed fraud within US legal system na hawangeepuka because Switzerland has an extradition treaty with the U.S.

This was a well calculated move. Blatter had to make sure he was re-elected then resign a few days later to show the world that he is a person with the world football issues at heart and that he cannot continue holding the office if he is accused of corruption hence the resignation. On the other hand if he had not offered himself for re-election it would have implied that he was the wrong president and that no one would have bothered voting for him. Hapa amepita na flying colours.

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Kuna official mmoja lazma amepromise kusema vile walikula kuku na yeye.

Its after making statements like this that we see on a family on tv saying our son disappeared without a trace. huko you are being held in a CIA black-site. Dont just open your mouth and let everything pour out like a 3month old orangutang.