Broke Ladies

Broke women constantly yap about standards, how a man should cater for all their whims, flood IG with pics of every fancy joint they visit & spend a huge chunk of their earnings trying to look well-off. On the other hand, wealthy, industrious & hard working women don’t talk about standards because they are the standards. They understand the basic principles of money & how to build wealth hence don’t waste their earnings on frivolous things.

Ladies who are genuinely rich are more likely to spend their Thursdays sun bathing on a beach at a resort in Diani, all alone, while their broke sisters are gate crashing corporate events at Villa Rosa with their squad & Fridays at Kiza Lounge so they can flood FB with multiple selfies in a bid to stir jealousy in their equally broke friends.

Dear Brothers, avoid dating pompous broke ladies. They are annoying, have unrealistic demands, a bloated sense of importance & have no idea how money is made. To make it worse they will constantly nag & compare you with other men plus the Law of Delayed Gratification is a foreign concept to them. As a man, they will drag you down financially & psychological and give you never-ending migraines.


Love it

Wait for her, she is coming.

Oya unaita oligarch @GeorginaMakena pompous broke lady with a bloated sense of self importance and has no idea how money is made?



Anapigia reach husband simu

Ile kitu tumebakisha ni @M2Random kwa hii mix iwe complete

He is a ‘unicorn’ :D:D:D:D:D

Weeeeeh the tirade of inshas itaangukia hii thread na kijiji bado inatungwa na kuongezwa chumvi na Royco

Dear men, you can scream from the roof tops, walk with a recorded voice call women all manner of names but bottom line, YOU HAVE TO PROVIDE FOR YOUR WIVES AND KIDS, there is no shortcut.
Married women have to forgo their ambitions, especially when kids are young. They have to run the house, make sure there is warm food, clothes are pressed and that brick and mortar structure turns into a HOME. That is what women bring to the table, propagation of your legacy. Anything else is a bonus.

Now go ahead and call me all manner of names but it won’t change what the fact of life. Grow a pair and get on with it .

acha dry spell ikugonge ndo utakimbia kwa mpesa, agent, equitel, mshwari, atm ata mkopa…bishop akidai amedai?

Feminazi kujia guarana na chips mwitu

Wewe ni Kunguru ya internet.

The first paragraph aptly describes @uwesmake the gay

Niaje wakanyaks? @Mzee mzima amekusalimia. …

Am yet to see another village where gays and peasants are lynched in the same inferno.

I agree, but is this the case out there?

MaryJane kama hungekua umeolewa ninge kuoa. Kudos Girl

Any woman can become a good wife. The good book says “a man who finds a wife finds a good thing”. It does not quantify the woman. Your wife is a reflection of you as a person. I dare say you can mould your wife to be the woman you want. Na sio na mangumi.

Haiya haujaona nimeambiwa niko 38 na single?

So unasema @GITUMIA KINORU na @Nananimpa waliambukizwa kuwacha skid marks??