Broadcast business

I am venturing in the broadcast industry, for mainly music, and I am soon beginning with the community radio, then later will upgrade to commercial radio station. I am sampling the music to play in the airwaves but wondering if mp3 can do, since its the only music format I have from the market there and they are very cheap to buy and storage space.

Mnaonaje wakumbwa, will it be good to air music which is in mp3 format encoded to 320 kbps bit rate which is equal to CD quality? any radio station paying mp3s?

Dero akikuja atasema utumie m4a. Hao wengine Akina Okwonkwo, terrible waist na homo mac Dev hawajui kitu yoyote ni porojo tu

320kbps MP3s should be the bare minimal. Lossless audio formats are preferred though eg FLAC

okay wait a minute, kama ni FM radio station then 320 mp3 or Flac iko sawa

kama ni internet based then use AAC 64K or 128K on the higher side, Mp3 sioni kama ni poa with such.

ps: Mimi si audio expert but wengine can shed more light