Bro Code

what would you do if you find your cousin hitting on your girl?
A case is presented where the cousin started hitting on the girl while your relationship was still blossoming, thereafter breakup happened and they are still moving on with their fling, despite the fact that both you and the cousin are married with kids, (you being recently married with a kid).

If you lost the battle, just move on instead of whining to Ktalk strangers. She prefers the cousin, na mbox ni yake.

this here

Nyau ni mingi sana huku nje.

Ukichengwa tulia.

May the best man win

U fuck her sister or mother if u cannot move on

Thread closed.

Relationship blossoming sounds like friendzone.
It’s either there was a relationship or none.
Anyway thread ilifungwa hapo juu tayari…moving on

Apply abundance mentality.
There are a lot of women waiting to be fucked.

Pole sana… kula blue pill tandika mingi huku nje utoe mauchungu

rip his duodenum through his nostrills and mail it to his dad.But ukumbuke ,kutombewa bibi ni standard.Je,umetombewa bibi hivi karibuni?

My circle understand bro code tume avoid blood shed… isht is real…

It is unfortunate for such an event to have occurred. Cousin to cousin pussy rivalry? Anyway ni mipango ya kando so we can assume ni lanye kunguru mbaya!!

Best and the only comeback

ukiachw aachika, but cousins too have a right to good girl/boy. on a diferent story, i ferked by first cousin two years as she waited for his man to propose. his man suspected nothing all along. and when he proposed, i gave my cousin a hard straight talk advised her to dump him. she is now happily married to another dude.

Congratulations Prof Incest!

His man?

typo, but nonetheless message is clear

No it’s not, whom did you ferk? Your first cousin girl? Or your first cousin?