British media's portrayal of Kate Middleton vs Meghan Markle

British tabloids can make one commit suicide wallahi. It’s either they like or hate you. Hata kama tunasema hii kunguru imekalia Harry, pia amekipatapata. I don’t think it’s necessarily about her race, coz these tabloids also terrorize snow-white mofos. The thing is, there are racist undertones. You can’t really tell whether it’s racism, but also can’t dismiss that aspect. This is why Britain is so irritating, their racism isn’t as clearcut as America’s but you feel it hanging in the air.

Sometimes it’s better to be called a nigger to your face than have someone pussyfoot about it. At least that’s what I think, I’m yet to travel out of our beloved Vumbistan. Wait!! I once crossed into Uganda on foot and spent 2 hours in M-7’s kingdom. Surely that makes me an international traveler? Surely?? :D:D:D:D




Hehe. … I aslo suspect that she overdid herself trying to fit in and appear a real aristocrat, which had the opposite effect of making her awkward and kimbelembele i front of the already doubtful public.

That’s what she signed up for. Marrying a Prince which comes with its ups and downs.
Me thinks she is a bitch.

I don’t give a fvck about royalty or other people wives.

Mkoloni unamfuata wa nini? Si uko na nchi yako wewe mwenyewe?

Na huyu msichana si alijipeleka huko yeye mwenyewe? Her father was against it or something to that effect. Well like the folks down at the coast said, “Asiyeskia la mkuu…”

Hii story ni kama kijana baro baro @Yunomi atoke huko wilderness ya Rumuruti, the dust bowl of Laikipia … and by sheer miracle he lands Ngina Kenyatta.

He even takes her to Mombasa with his famous 20k.

@Yunomi then proceeds to tell Ngina to step away from her royal duties touring the planet with her mother and return home with him to Rumuruti where they can plant Moso bamboo seeds for sale in Raikifia.

Mtaokota marehemu @Yunomi somewhere in a thicket somewhere with a whole bamboo pole shoved up his rectum. No homo.

You might be a bitch as well

The British media does the same thing to Raheem Sterling. Also, Paul Pogba. It’s subtle racism ile ya kutafuta makosa kwa kila kitu.

Hamna aibu jaMENi?

Jamaa unakuwanga na kishwa musuri

Remember Joshua being called a Nigerian born boxer instead of Briton?

:D:Dand they say the black man is the problem… what they forget is white people will soon go extinct.

Only after he lost :D.

We can’t blame them for fronting theirs as the best. Problem is that their PR works on some of us, as evidenced through the self hate that goes on on this website.

I take it that yunomi is your dear friend? :smiley:

True, we have fickle minds in our midst, to whom the Whitey’s are always right.

Kenyan media fighting Ruto the same way…esp last year.

All this drama will be exposed for what it is…megan is painted as a manipulator by brits (white), brown Brits and others see deceit and mischief in the palace

If I was driving I would look rather stupid trying to upstage a guy on a bicycle, we are world’s apart. If the mzungu is too superior to me why keep trying to put me down further? Is there something they fear in the black race?