British hero


"When he arrived in the hotel he started organising the entire operation, directing the police and army.

"Then he went in there on his own to neutralise the enemy and rescue the hostages.

"His actions certainly saved many lives and shows the manner of these men, who are extremely brave and always ready.

this people suffer from ‘god complex’

@pamba hii Ni tactic ghani

Tumezoea western cunts taking all the glory for everything but lives were saved and thats what matters

Unaona hiyo BBS iko kwa hiyo link? Inamaanisha Big Bull Shit.

The beloved rogue president Mr. Trump amesema mara mingi lakini nitarudia tena : ‘They are Fake News!’


And those britons will be recognized by the queen

Is this the Briton who climbed a rope to where the terrorists were, like in the movies?

Amevaa bushori

Yeah right, he was shopping! Hawa watu na chocha! They had Intel and prepared for it to shine, and reinforce stereotypes. Then the article says he worked alone, hio red berret imevalio na nani, shenzi type![ATTACH=full]220819[/ATTACH]

true lakini local media ni meffi tu. Did you see Hassan Mugambi slapping men around like he’s their father? I bet he would never slap a mzungu onlooker
The local media especially cameramen were ignoring Kenya’s forces. They trained their cameras on the non Kenyans. Hata the reports in the media are all about the wazungu and Somali victims as if most who were killed are not Kenyans. The only Kenyan person I saw an article written about was a guy, I think he’s Luo, who was involved in football.

Kama Inayat na Abdul Haji hawajawai pata presidential award yet githeri drunkard, Jacques Marine and John Mbadi got awards, what do you expect?

Huyo president wetu huwa amechanganikiwa. He gave githeriman an award for simply standing in line. That tells you a lot

Now, what about his subjects? Ndio wanatwangwo makofi

hide and seek it works

His subjects are thieves and fornicators. Ukianza na huyo huyo aliye chini yake

Huko ni juu sana, Mimi nimeanza na huyo huyo ako na juala ya githeri.

Guyz give credit where it is deserved