Briquettes business

Hello guys, we do make and distribute briquettes.
Carbonized and non carbonized. Leta biashara

tried marketing to tea factories? firewood is hard to come by with the forests closed.

non carbonized means?

haina carbon…

What advantage do they have over firewood and charcoal? Can I use it in a fireplace? Will it be economical?

…ina nini?

Una hakika hii sio @kelele tuu ya marketing gimmick? Unauza na quantity kiasi gani, and what’s your location?


carbonized imechomwa kama makaa. non carbonized is just compressed dry matter rangi ya raw matereal eg sawdust.

Hahaha thats the wrong term basi. Most organic things have carbon-carbon linkages whether zimechomwa or not.

What the…

Are you the guy who was in the Lion’s Den about 1 or 2 weeks ago?

Location along kangundo road. Prices are negotiable once u are ready


Unauza kivipi, kilo, gunia, gorogoro…fafanua. kangundo sio mbali na mimi…

In 10kgs, 20kgs and 50kgs bag for carbonized
In tonnes for non carbonized

Hii ni makaa ya shisha?

thank you @captain obvious :D:D:D:D:D:D

If u can recycle waste paper to briquettes let’s talk.

How does it burn without carbon?