Bringing all communities up to speed with modernity.

We need to work harder to bring everyone up to speed with modern life. Is it not saddening that these communities are living in the same way their ancestors did several hundred years ago while their counterparts in the city are enjoying all the conveniences of a modern lifestyle?


Village near Lokwakangole, Kenya On the shores of Lake Turkana, woven palm-frond homes glow warmly in the afternoon light.[ATTACH=full]4308[/ATTACH]

Kibera, a modern habitat replete with all the conveniences of a modern lifestyle.

hehe dont know where I would rather be

Either way, you are screwed; but I’d rather face maordinare wa mtaa than cattle rustlers.

About the first pic, as long as they are comfortable let them live as they please, you will be surprised that maybe according to them they dont see the importance of modernisation like you do and are very comfortable with their simple lives.


nowhere near those two places. i would rather remain in the slopes of mt kenya where i was born and brought up

Kibera its like living in a huge dustbin honestly. There’s no dignity in this…

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As long as they are comfy waache walivyo.

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their life their choice, let them be , on that note, huko acre ni how much karibu na shores of lake turkana

That’s ancestral land, communally owned and not for sale.

Turkana of course, I will not fear cattle rustlers coz I will be cattle rustler number one. I can move anywhere along the shores and create my small Kingdom.

You wish.

I was watching Uhurus wife launch one of those mobile hospital things she does in Kajiado and a very decent looking woman from near the Namanga border was saying how that would help the Maasai women who still suffer high rates of paternity related deaths but i couldnt help but wonder how little the so called modern technology has helped the Maasais for them to be where they are today and what if they continued to live their lives in their natural environment and ignore the rest of the “modern” world?
Me thinks they would still outlive any of us “civilised” ones as a tribe.
I wish we could stop all these madness and go back to the start,…before we started mimicking everything foreign and European!.. oh how i wish!..

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Ha. The maasai are very sly these days; kwanza the young ones prefer a flashy lifestyle. That is why there are so many fraudulent land deals in Kajiado.

Wewe. Some shrewd learned people will go there grab their land and they soon find themselves living like kibera people in the name of shunning modernity. Its already happened to a good extent.

What is this that people are taliing abt turkana being confortable in straw huts in some remote place. Watu wa-adopt modernity because I dont know where my grand children will go if I ever get them. I guess they will go up there and grab the turkana people land since the turkana wont understand what title deed is. They will then tap the oil from turkana land and possibly give turkana some guns to murder each other. That is what happens mjinga akipatana na mwerevu.

We complain abt white people perpetrating injustice on africans. If the african had known about guns and shit, the white man would probably be recieving “economic aid” from black assed people right now. If the turkana will keep that land, they have to modernize and be ready to counter landless people of the furture from other parts of the country running there to grab it.

Its funny you say that. We were having a very “learned” discussion with my jungu mates about how their governments waste money trying to go to space and shit and then the cleverest of them told us why; He said that we have to find the Aliens before they find us because if they find us first,they will colonise us! Does that ring a bell with the History of Africa? Hivi ndio hawa watu hufikiria!Wajinga ndio waliwao kama wahenga walivyonena.

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True. If an alien found us first angetukojolea. From another perspective, the world will seemingly become hostile to human life sometime in future no matter what we do. Guess who’s descendants will be going to live in any inhabitable place if it is ever found or made on mars or one of the many moons in the solar system. Certainly not black assed we since we arent investing in such pursuits.