"Brilliant upcoming lawyer"

Is their a weapon that can alter the noble reasoning of human something such mind control device?
Coz I don’t understand what makes a graduate be lured into radicalism simply just like that.
While at that UK orders form four leavers with a mean grade of D to join the police force while terrorist are contracting graduates who is smarter?Hakuna mbisha,sketch ama witness am I was just thinking out loud.

mbisha mboss

We don’t want idle ranting here.what’s the source of this particular line of thought coz I have found it better articulated elsewhere?

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Its the system which alters the inclination of a person.youll be surprised to learn that isis recruits are well educated individuals from well off families.now you ask yourself why this is.What you see around you affects your mental inclination, things like injustice, greed, poverty, war, inequality…they have a bearing on your way of thinking.


I concur

At many levels the common man wil not have second thoughts, if given an option to sacrifice his life for his familys future. I believe most kenyans- wararoes who join these radicals, are not after virgins, but to place food on the table. En have gone through thick en thin to think less of life.

So IYO, these guys are fighting for a worthy cause, ama? Are you contemplating joining them too?

What is a worthy cause? In one mans mind what is noble is objectionable to another…did i say anything about joining them…youre the kind that cant reason deeply.i point you to the stars but you simply cant see past my finger.

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Your post seems to suggest that these guys are victims of a system. As in they don’t have an option coz the system has changed their thinking. I think they are just guys who make wrong choices in life.

What’s wrong with that? Why result to concealed insults? Aren’t you exhibiting same characteristics like the alshabaab?

yes i certainly agree with you…everybody has free will and they are surely responsible for their action…but what was up for discussion is what influenced such…what led to such an inclination.

Im not impressed with your manner of discussion…you come across as wanting to paint me as a sympathiser im not one…arent you exhibiting characteristics of a weak mind.

Its like you dint succeed in derailing this posting the rest got the lines more than the smart ass you think you are

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To me, blaming a system rather than the individuals responsible for the senseless actions ain’t much different from being their sympathizer. Its like saying “I understand where these guys are coming from” . Tell me, are all those people who grew up in similar circumstances or environment with the “brilliant lawyer” alshabaab? Obviously no, because being alshabaab is purely a matter of CHOICE and not anything to do with the system.

It all drains to what radicalisation is all about. Tebu check these tweets from a supposedly radicalised youth. …Sounds so convincing .

abdirahman abdullahi
2 Oct
Abu Hurairah related that the
Prophet said, "Constantly
remember death — which
brings all pleasures to an end.
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abdirahman abdullahi
2 Oct
The heart of whoever is
drowned in the pleasures of this
world and its attractions is
distracted from remembering

nowadays people are brain washed like stubborn stains

Understand the meaning of the word inclination and its use in certain contexts then and only then will you be able to participate fully in this discussion.