It has been said in many quarters, including right here in this village, that the Senior Counsel is a brilliant lawyer. There are even numerous instances quoted to support this, the latest being the Nasa victory at the Supreme Court. However, I have several questions which I would love to hear the opinions of the Honorable Members of this village.

  1.  From the evidence emerging from the petition, it is apparent that there was deliberate interference with the Forms 34A’s and B’s. Let me explain this, I know of a polling station where the counting of votes was done, announced and the form 34A filled and signed by the PO and all agents present. The agents also had a chance to take photo images of the form. The same was then transmitted. When the IEBC put up the public portal, I was interested and decided, out of curiosity, to view and download the form from that particular station. While the results declared at the station, entered in the form and displayed on the portal were correct, I was shocked to discover that the form on the portal was completed in one handwriting, included the names of the agents present, their ID numbers and phones numbers but was not signed nor stamped. This was on 10th of Aug. I called a friend and raised the issue with him and in the end I remember telling him that should the losers petition the election, and if these kind of mistakes are replicated in a sizeable number of polling stations, we may have the election nullified. Apparently, the evidence produced in court, out of the scrutiny of the forms as ordered by the court show that these were the mistakes that occurred in many places. The rest is history.

My assessment of this is that these “mistakes” were premediated and well executed and that brings me to the question, is it the brilliance of JAO or the craftiness of the strategic team lead by the likes of Ndii that delivered the fatal blow?

  1.  Out the many cases that JAO took to the high court, majority were handled by Justice Odunga, who it later merged is a brother-in-law so to speak to Orengo. Again, were his victories before Odunga out of brilliance or as a result of family ties?
  2.  Last but not least, Orengo has been a lead negotiator for Baba in negotiations like the national accord of 2008, the IEBC-must-go of 2016 and in my opinion, baba has always come short in the final product. Did he display brilliance at these times?

What can I say?
The jury is out there!

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Jubilee was caught unawares. Too much confidence.
Anyway, i hope wako macho round this.


Can Jubilee gather all that evidence and proof of monkey business and take it to an international court and pls not the Hague?
Do they stand a chance of proving the opposition got a legitimate election nullified on account of foul play in the Supreme Court?



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James Agrey Orangut…


I hold that severe disciplinary action should be taken on all officers found culpable, na si kina chiloba, Hao wengine

I had read in this forum that the full judgement was to be released today, or it was distracted by Ngunjiri’s petition


q2.Odungas rulings can always be appealed if they were due to family relations. One problem we have is that since Odunga rules in NASAs favor, he is related to someone in NASA. Njoki shes from Uhurus tribe and has something under her sleeve. Ojwangs wife was given a job by Jubilee. Chilobas wife is…Interestingly, there was no problem with such people before their actions( except for Odunga due to the nature of his position.
q3.In one case Orengo submits newspaper clippings as evidence.

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It will be the silliest cobbled up jurisprudence shiet the world has ever seen. What happens if it’s proved Nasa presented fake/forged evidence to the highest court in the land?


Boss for your information the KIEMS kit could only SCAN ONCE THE RESULTS, meaning you had no other option to send anything else any other time. Plus the KIEMS HAD to send numerical figures + the scan at once you could not leave one or the other but incredibly iebc had all numerical figures but did not have the scans. Usiseme about 4g or 3g. Yet again if there was a numeric typing mistake the numbers on the scan prevail yet iebc did not have those scans!! So you saying results were transmitted but what appeared on the portal were different means 1 thing, what was transmitted ‘went’ somewhere else na another document was uploaded kwa portal. Who had that authority? NASA, JUBILEE or IEBC.
I said in this forum people who stole the elections were RO and PO. Watu walisema napiga siasa, wacha Supreme Court detail ruling comes out watu watashangaa.

All other questions you are asking are cheap talk, idle gossip, rumour mill at its best because even if you are told to support your claim in a court of law itakua ngumu. But about sabotage in the election it has be proven in a court of law beyond reasonable doubt that kulikua na shida.

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Maraga sowed a storm, he will reap a hurricane.


Na tusipo shanga?could maraga have given iebc 60days to conduct a fresh election if he doubted the r.o and p.o s?
He made a political decision to give raila and his supporters a soft landing


Lets have that storm now once and for all, watu waache culture ya i can do anything na nothing will happen

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Be abit clever man, iebc is a institution na RO & PO can come n go but IEBC has to do the elections. It is not Maraga who employed RO & POs its iebc to sort their house in order. Plus wewe usipo shanga wengine, Uhuru included, wameshangaa since 1st September when the summary judgement was read.

I agree with you. Na ndio nasema Hao wachukuliwe hatua kali Sana kiasi ya kwamba mwingine akikumbuka vile waliona anashtuka Sana.

(with a mountanious accent) washa mashugu.


As a result of universal suffrage

tugange yajayo

I agree it was a soft landing. This election NASA was not even close to winning. But I add that is was by more than Maraga. And there is a credible justification for it.

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The country was/ is too divided and that call was necessary the only problem was that the politicians dont wanna pause and think abt the other kenyans.