bridgestone vs goodyear vs maxxis

Comparing apples to apples, for a passenger car, Which tire brand currently in the market meets the Safety, Cost, Durability and noise threshold? For most of the folks doing 70% on asphalt and the remainder on dirt roads.
While shopping around, a little birdie informs me the current Bridgst0ne imports from the far East (read PRC) sold locally by a renowned outlet are of poor quality despite a warranty* another source swears on MRF from India as having taken lead on quality, but a bit noisy, Dunlop is good but just for light loads…

What gives?


Continental, followed by pirelli

Ling long

From Nov 2019 Imports za ling long had more plastic than rubber, after 2k KMs braking will be noticeably poor and inconsistent.


I’ve used and would recommend (in order of best to good)

Goodyear > Falken > Radar (made in Indonesia, not China/Taiwan)

Bf goodrich for offroad michelin for cmall car

Hii thread imekuja at the right time… I’m replacing my tyres next week. Was thinking of kueka either Maxxis ama Falken. Have had Pace tyres for 4 yrs. Acha niskie maoni

Mimi ni Bridgestone, have done 4 strips to/fro Nyanza/Western since 2018 but bado pata puncture. Ziko poa…naona another year or more.

I’m a normal city dwellers, but I understand some people move more.

Just my preference

Hizo tyre ni noma sana but bei ni kali… zangu ni Pace, have never had a puncture since 2017, ata nimesahau kutumia jack… The only challenge ni slight skidding kwa mvua. Bado zinakaa fresh after 80,000 Km lakini imefika time ya replacement

1.Continental tyres 2. Bf Good rich 3 Good year 4. Kumho 5. Apollo … anything less than these afadhali you park your ride .

Try yokohamas

I have used Maxxis Wormdrive A/T for close to 3 years now on a van always loaded with stuff <700kgs and have never had major issues.

Next month God willing will replace the front tyres with the same make.(Front tyres slightly worn due to cornering and braking weight)

natumia ling long deep grooves for a 1500cc car front wheel drive. i got them when they were introdused in kenya like 3 yrs ago. haziko mbaya sana. though of late zinalala funny ata with recomended PSI pressure though sijawai pata puncture so i guess i got a good bunch kabla the bad got in the market. i was thinking of changing to firestone kabla zianze kunishow visanga kwa highway.

Bridgestone…had them for 4 years the original ones not the SAs ones

Seems am the only one who swears by Dunlop.

Shida ya dunlop ni fakes… nilizieka auto xpress 2015 nikapata slow puncture the next day. Na zilinisumbua for the next year. After nichange gari nikaeka za china zinaitwa Pace nimekuwa na amani for 4 years

That’s a surprise. I use them on my zoom zoom and it’s been over two years now. What I like about autoexpress is that they bear such costs nowadays. Can be a little inconveniencing to some, but it works well for me.

Where are these Yokohama’s? Who is selling em? Continental all outlests wanasema hawana pia.

Bridgestone works wonders!