bridal showers!

@ akina purr_22, unicorn supu don and all pink handles . What gives?
Just frm pickin wifey to b & naona kuna a change!

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dont kiss or fuck her for 24 hours.she has someones cum in her mouth and cunt…consider yourself warned

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Haha, nangoja replies. Probably she’s been amiably violated by fellow ladies.

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Matheka ametia mtu vidole…



Na si uulize bibi yako nini imefanyika. Every hens party is different so ukituuliza hatuwezi jua what exactly went down.

Pls kindly note if the wife or your chic leaves the house and comes back looking radiant than usual and all this without any input from you, baas, Jua amepata kitu yenye wewe humpatii and we’re not talking of pizza here.


Didn’t I explain in detail this bridal shower business the other day?

kasketch ka change hivi ni aje?

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accept and move on

Just a stupid party kama zile za baikoko in tz

I recall you saying they thoroughly clean the ‘cylinder’ because of previous pistons.:smiley:

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Good. I hope you recall the consequences if not cleaned.

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describe this change…am finding it difficult to understand u here

As in kuna siri ameibiwa!

Wht do you mean ??


The chic just enjoyed. Whatever it was don’t ask…I promise you, you dont want to know what they were up to. Utakasirika bure tu!
If you aren’t smiling after your own stag then you have the wrong friends. Call @junkie and @uwesmake to throw you a stag night.

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whatever happens in bridal parties stays there…dont over-think or over-analyze utakuwa wazimu…

please outline the major themes please…