Brian Chira Funeral

Death to faggotz and your panty wearing role models in America @cortedivoire

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Hao ni perdition, kanguthu, poyoloko, uwesmakende and friends


You forgot Thirimaii and Major Prophet

Damn the media and social influencers are hell bent on forcing a narrative to the younger generations that you can be gay and celebrated and its ok.
There must be western fag backers behind this shenanigans. Mzungu is hell bent on destroying the moral fabric of the African and the family unit


But faggots are many in kanairo tukianza na mlamba tako @cortedivoire

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Hating on a dead nigga

Yaani hio msafara ni ya kuzika shoga jamaneni? But wacha akutane na Lucifer poa ndio ajue faggotry is meffi.

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The first person I discovered is weird in ktalk is @cortedivoire that :dog2: is filthy as they come . A filthy bottom pit fagget

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First time I heard of this Chira dude was after he nyuriad.
I have never seen a video of his on that Tiktok.

That confirms the adage in TT that you watch what you are…

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I was just about to ask if its only me who had never ever heard of Brian Chira before he died

Same here. Jina tu ilikua inanikalia familiar but I couldn’t remember where I heard it from