Its now official that Britain has left the European Union.



Na EPL… players from other countries wafanye aje

Some of us watched with a lot of sadness. The Brits will live to wish this never happened in years to come. We cannot survive very well on our own. But huku hakuna kimeibiwa…it is their choice. Now the infighting has already started. Scots are Remainers so they want out and who best than Nicola Sturgeon kiboko ya Boris Johnson to take this on?
If you happened to watch them on telly last night you will have noticed how evil the Brits are.
This is v sad, v sad indeed. That oaf Trump is v busy trying to lobby for trade deals but he should know that once the British media turns against BoJo which should be v soon…BoJo will be out like a light.

BoJo is in a v difficult situation right now. ‘Let’s get Brexit done’, he crowed for months so atuonyeshe saa hii without much further ado. Starting with the borders manenos, speed speed to the single market manenos…wooi…moving on swiftly to the rebellion in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland…dayuum…

Lol! I always look forward to your comments. You like exergerating things:D:D You guys will be fine. Norway and Switzerland are not in EU na wako sawa kabisa. And Scotts have always wanted out, nothing to do with leaving the EU.

Hehe wacha kunionea wewe:D. The United Kingdom is also falling apart. Yes we left but then Scotland is threatening to leave…look at the bigger picture. Scotland has said they also want to carve their own country like Denmark…they are going to be a big headache for BoJo.
But also cut me some flack…I am a civil servant so saa zingine I post wearing hiyo kofia. And also a parent.

So what happens to those nationals that were living and working in the UK courtesy of EU?

cut some slack…stop embarrassing the queen

Unless you had your papers sorted already…mmmmmh??..BoJo has said there is a one year transition period. Watu wajipange. But some have packed up and left because their countries are equally wealthy aka Germany, Netherlands and many others just not Eastern Europeans. I read about them in the papers… about the frustration…in getting their papers processed with that Brexit cloud hanging on us.
With the world watching the UK, they will deliver the due diligence. Allow EU people to keep their jobs. The ones in trouble are business men.

You will never understand the British street slang so quit policing me. How many times do I have to tell to do you and I do me? are you hard of hearing???Ngui.

I am so excited by the fact that Britain is on a mission to self-destruction. They will pay for all the sins they commited against the rest of humanity during colonisation. Karma is a bitch.

who else is embarrassed for that black bonobo calling britain their country , after she literaly ran away from their failling country . I mean she is soo patriotic even though everybody sees her & thinks , go back to your sh*thole dark continent nigger…

Long live UK say no to imperialist. There is no way ghasia kama junker will make policy on behalf of British people and he was not chosen.

There is a Kenyan spirit in me that welcomes the self destruction they have brought upon themselves in their haughtiness on behalf of my forefathers. But then I reside here with my young family so I have some empathy. Also do not forget there are many Brits working in EU countries.
Kwanza, I looked at the Brits that were out last night supporting this stupid move in all their glory, bruh they are the lowest of the low just by appearance.
12 months will inform us. Meanwhile…niko nyuma ya Nicola kule Scotland.

Maheni maku wathiomo…there is that bit you are looking at but there is also the bigger pik for us poor minnows. A year will tell the truth.
One thing tho…Boris is the best person to take on the EU Bollingos…he is fearless and will deliver the will of the people which is what matters to the majority. To Leave the EU coz as some say the monetary contribution from the UK was being used to fund other missions under the EU umbrella…but wooi it is v stupid if you ask me.
Wacha tuone sasa.


Issue ya EU commission is dictating to other countries. Hakuna vile mtapewa refugees and being forced to accept them without getting them.

That was a big issue. I agree. And most Al Shaitanis were getting away with murder under EU human rights law…
Let us give Bojo a chance…and see what he delivers.

Halafu Cameron told EU to change wakakataa he called for referendum to blackmail them. He thought EU watagive in. EU saw it as a joker kumbe raia walikuwa wanaomba how the will divorce EU.