Brexit is done...

Meanwhile Boris Johnson’s father is applying for french citizenship.

As a REMAINER I am v sad:(. But glad that this whole nonsense is over. Let the hard work begin. And I don’t envy the policy makers.

Hiyo tunnel ni ile iko under-sea from UK to France?


u.k might be a 3rd world country wakicheza …poverty ilianza kuingia b4 corona…

It wont, even with Brexit.

Dude wacha tuseme unaota. That will never happen. Poverty, what poverty??? hehehe. The only people that are poor in this country are the drug addicts coz they chose that path despite all the help her majesty’s gava provides for them. They are broken souls.

a report said ppl were sleeping hungry huko u.k out of poverty…google it

Wacha tuone itakuwa aje

When? you can only sleep hungry in the UK because you do not have status aka makaratasi and even then there are charities to go to. Gosh, there are social workers employed by the gava to prowl the streets begging the beggars to accept help. Most don’t want to move to a facility where they are provided with meals, accommodation, anything they want. I cannot fault this gava for that kind’a stuff.

What about what they did to your homeland?

We don’t dwell on the past Brayo. The past is gone, the present is here with us, the future is God’s. If I was to look at what they did to my homeland, I would also address today. The Brits are v much there living it large huko Lewa Downs and everywhere. Kenya is still their colony.

Difference is… we are also now out here maxing their good lifestyle. My grandmas are not here, I am here to rep. Free education, free healthcare, jobs right and centre, citizenship nizurule the world over bila was za visas, earn in pounds invest in Kenya shilling… tell me who is the winner? Them or me? and if I want a job back home I get it as an expat. Some of my friends own duo nationality so there you go.

I recently turned down a job in Kiambu County as it meant I come back home and also to show I am a resident huko. V good job which I could have done with my eyes closed.

Life is short.

Perhaps there is a lesson to be learnt here, you do get an edge in life that is rare back here in . Ke

Have no mercy on them at all. I don’t blame my Kenyan friends on state welfare either. If you are smart and know your way around the system…you are quids in, always. A few of my friends who have registered small businesses were given sooooooooooo much money coz of COVID closures. It was at this point that I wished I was ‘business’ minded. Imagine waking up up to £40 thau pounds? eh? and your biz prolly earned 5k a year? they were paid on projected earnings overview.
Me and Captain Obvious would be new millionaires by now…

£40k? Christ, is that how functional governments work!


All because of anti-immigration.

Yes. And I am not talking from my backside. Things were so bad and Treasury cushioned them after the scandal was announced. A friend called me asking if I want to pose as his employee. The deal was good for 500 pounds. Nope nilikataa since I am a civil servant and this could ruin my career years down the road. Nakwambia people have made money.

Mostly. But if I was to wear a Brit kofia I would agree with them. The terrorist attacks including the 9/11 one etc, infact we are waiting for them to strike now when the nation is down. Immigrants refusing to settle in France, Germany, or Belgium as welfare handouts are not handed out that easily and risking to make it here…long story.

Nice planning, why mess a good thing by being a tad bit greedy