Breast cancer survivor body shamed by her husband's mistresses

Jehovah, Yaani when you think you have heard it all baado… Wanawake hupitia Mengi. On top of cancer, stress from your husband’s mistresses kukutusi eti huna matiti ilikatwa.What do you expect from Monkeys.

@Billy Drago this one has been married for 27 years ona ‘mapenzi’ bwanake anampa after surviving cancer. Why are you people this heartless? I think even this cancer was brought by stress and those pills of family planning. Mashida tupu.Tell women the truth about marriage do not deceive them, it’s a slave plantation. Not a picnic. May God heal her completely. Such a lovely mom.

It’s not really body shaming. He also experienced stress when his wife lost her boobs. Most ordinary men do that

Just watch the whole thing b4 you comment. This is now the second case that I know of where the man leaves his wife with cancer, who supported him financially and his mistresses call the wife insulting her about her sickness. Of course the husband was there encouraging them to insult his sick wife.

@Billy Drago the kinds of pain men put women through nobody else can. Imagine you are away, your husband rapes your daughter and gives her your family planning pills so she won’t get pg. He can’t even bother to go buy p2 he uses your family planning pills. Nikiwambia men are bad don’t call me stubborn, just see what kinds of evil they are capable of. If you did this to my daughter I would torture you to death and your remains would never be found.

Out of 10, 000, 000 married couple ,it’s only less than 1,000,000 which don’t work due to bad choices , ignoring red signs , no courtship period or pregnancy traps to get hold of a man by force which is 10%.

If you take enough time to observe and do a secret background checks on your better half to be during courtship then these rare cases of animosity won’t erupt. Mapenzi ni matamu ukiwa na unayempenda.

Halafu sijataja kuwa wewe ni stubborn.

Her next thread is “Women are so kind”.

Men have nothing to loose. Ukichoka unapotea. What of women? You can’t leave your kids to suffer. Though I know at least 5 cases where after kujua bwana ako na mwks women left their kids hata kwa diapers and relocated to US.

In the Animal Farm, the master wanted breakfast the chicken laid eggs but the pig had to be slaughtered to get the bacon. In any marriage, the man is the chicken and the woman is the pig. The chicken can move on unscathed, the pig can’t.

That’s why women must err on the side of caution.