Breast Cancer in men

I have lumps in my chest area, they don’t hurt lakini two of them seem to be increasing in size .Hii inaweza kuwa nini?

You are paranoid/paraphernalia/bullshitting

Kwani tumeiguza au tukaiona? So hatujui

Si ni wewe tu umesema you’re a chain smoker in another thread? Go figure.

Hapa sio spitali. Get checked TODAY !

Don’t ignore, visit medics, the earlier the diagnosis the better.

Ebu google

Ni genetics tu. ask around if the father had em or the father before you

Get checked ASAP. Cancer sio machezo

Are you saying ni lumps za nicotine?

Finally umefika adolescence. Ni chest developing so tulia


That usually coincides with the regression of the testicles. Check your boxers asap!

Have you been taking ARV drugs, they’ve be scientifically proven to aid boobs growth in males.

No I’m not on any medication

Nyinyi watu huongea mavi saa zingine

I am not a woman, kwa nini unataka nikuwe msichana