Breaking: Uhuru will not Support Ruto!

Amesema he can declare it’s now time to support a leader from another tribe for ze presidency. The two tribes that have been in uongozi namely Kalenjin and Gīkūyū can wait…
@Agwambo tosha!


[SIZE=7]The Sky Is Blue[/SIZE]

Water is wet

And salt is salty

The Pope is Catholic.

:D:D Tibiim!

mwivi wa sugoi aje

Hapo kwa two tribes amesema ukweli…lakini pass on agwambo.

The speech from Agwambo was very telling…ni musalia tosha

niaje nurse

the baby was high on meth…
sasa nani alichagya mamake

The sun rises in the East.

Hahaha… ni kama raila ni any better, either clown will sink kenya to 5th world status kama Venezuela

It will be a coalition,they will agree on someone,that is the message I got.

Nyoro said people in kiambu are waiting for the president to come and talk.

The president said usione Simba amenyeshewa ukadhani ni paka.People are making noise yet they were elected because of him.

Huyu Malala na alitishiwa kidoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogo akaanza kulia kama big baby na hii je?

@Purple finish this bonobo

Hashtag…hatukuji:D. We don’t care who he endorses. Contradicting himself like the fool he is. Oh siongei politics kwa maziishi then goes ahead…oh we agreed to work together in 2017…mmmmh why not 2013? dude has no intention of leaving office…he must get one of the top BBI seats.
He will never lie to some of us again. Tuko riitho.

Time baado my friend, hii kitu ni game

Too young to retire…

Precisely. If you really dissect his words and emotions utaona ni kiti anakatalia…does not care about us at all. None of them does.

“Uhuru is too young to retire” Atwoli Dsza