Breaking: Senate fails to get numbers to impeach Trump

[SIZE=6]Republican senators blast Trump’s second impeachment as ‘dead on arrival’ - after 45 of them effectively signaled ex-president will be acquitted by voting the trial ‘unconstitutional’[/SIZE]


Mambo ya US tulishamaliza, sahii ni BBI, Hustlers and Dynasties

Vile @T.Vercetti atasema. Ghasia leta summary ya senyet.

those fraudulent foolish demoncrats wanakuwanga hawananga akili doing something ten times with the same results and knowing you will get the same results is a waste of time and money. Trump is here to stay and 2024 anarudi ndani ya kiti ya POTUS asubuhi na mapema wacha tuanze waves by midterm elections Trump will make sure Republicans get 80% of the seats . BIdenobama endeleeni kutafutia homosexuals rights na pesa , watu wakikufa na covid na njaa

Fake news!
Impeachment is so very on, going all the way hadi tamati!

Lack numbers to CONVICT.

Trump is already impeached, twice.

What are the legal implications of impeaching a former president in the USA?

There are no legal implications in impeaching a sitting or former president.
Only a senate conviction has.

If he is convicted this time, (unlikely), he will be barred from holding public office again.
That’s for incase he decide to return for another beating in 2024.

You are a retard with no common sense. No clue at all. Just find a dingy corner and sit your ashy arse down.

It has never happened before therefore there is no precedence.

Malisa hii khasia

this was a fuck you campaign… all that matters is the tag, failed president, impeached twice in four years, wacha zile documentaries kama 60 minutes zianze kuanguka

You are being told that the tamati will be less than 55 senators will vote for. That is all 50 democrats and about 5 or so republicans. So it will be less than 67 needed to be successful. That is what you are being told. If you will stop being excited you will hear what you are being told.

True that! Throw all the mud at the pig and hope the pig will slink away hopefull not to return in 2024. Lets see how it pans out.

Liz Cheney who voted to impeach trump has already started feeling the heat. She has been disowned by her party, her state and fellow republican senators, she will most likely loose her lucrative position in the senate she got because of her party. And next year she might loose her seat in the mid terms!

Sure. That makes some sense. But I still can’t see the story anywhere else, including on fox news.

She will get a job with Halliburton.