BREAKING: Police ARREST K24 Journalists Purity Mwambia and Frankline Wambugu over TERROR EXPOSE



At least three reporters from K24 TV network are currently being grilled by anti-terror police.

Journalist Purity Mwambia, Managing editor Swahili Frankline Wambugu and a driver called William are meeting the anti-terror detectives over an expose Bweta La Uhalifu that’s supposed to air tonight.

The gist of the show is that the investigative team bribed their way into GSU headquarters in Ruaraka with an improvised explosive device which they later exploded in Ruiru using a Peugeot Car they had bought.

Police bosses are adamant the expose may further dampen the hopes of Kenyans in the ability of the government to offer security which will hit directly into President Uhuru’s ratings. While the bosses are protecting their jobs, the political class within government are adamant that a media house associated with the President should do everything to protect his image.

It remains to be seen if the show will air. Doubtful.

Trailer watch here (YOUTUBE)

They could’ve made their point without carrying live ammo and bombs.

Purity Mwambia pulled the same stunt in TRM and other large malls/supermarkets in Nairobi where she passed the security systems akiwa amefungia pistol yake kwa mgongo.

They put so much “effort” to outdo Moha and Namu…Like is said ealier, we might just be giving the airheads ideas in the name of “exposing” the
loopholes in our system and being “vigilant”

Oookkk…then it serves them right…Why pull such a stunt…

Me too

hawa ni wale hujifunza coastal accent in college ati coz they report in swahili

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I find it a bit very annoying



Hii si ni story ya last year wewe?