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ONE STUDENT dead in a stampede after transformer explosion causes terror scare at University of Nairobi Kikuyu Campus. At least 100 in hospital.

Very sad. But it shows people are starting to heed expert advise when confronted with terror. RUN, HIDE, or FIGHT

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no one said JUMP. how can one jump from 6th floor

Alshabab attack scare, but why jump from the 6 th floor, even if alshabab had attacked them a bullet to the head is better than a horrible death from jumping off a building.

Out of the several who jumped, only one died. If it was Alshabab & they hadn’t jumped, they would all have been killed.


That is never guaranteed, they sometimes reach for the dagger, and I’m not getting slaughtered. I’d rather stand up and charge at one of them just to get shot at

Heh, pole, you were seconds away from being a roast monkey.

Not China but India. In the past, most of their equipment supplies tenders were awarded to Indian firms, hence the frequent problems.

Watu waache kuchokoza admin @ol monk … niweke elder sasa

He he, wacha kujitetea na mimi.I will be an elder before you.

So sad…ignorance or trying ‘not die like a cockroach’??

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Points to the poor state of our disaster preparedness. By now we should be running drills in all our colleges simulating how to react in different scenarios.

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A student on TV just said they tried calling the police patrolling the school who ran away. Who wants to die for a 20k salo na we si commando


Hehe true…life is more important.

Now they are being given a dose of their own medicine which they give to innocent motorist but it’s more lethal.

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I think you have not listened to the alshabaab survivor stories or seen the victim bodies. Unafikiri kulipuliwa kichwa na hizo machines zao ni mchezo!

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ha haaa. manki choma