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Nasa suspends the daily protests/ demonstrations… Further course of action to be communicated later. .

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Who is this one now? Don’t you know that when the foundation of the world was being laid by Yahweh, we also saw this?

Hii ni ya yana mblo…

The violent thuggery riots have failed. It only highlighted RAT blood thirst and love for violence as a list of power since 1982.
The result will be known at the ballot on 26th. Its excites the radical but pushes away the moderates. Hapa hata 30% itakuwa ngumu.

No they are not suspending, they want to hold a parallel national holiday.

eish :D:D:D:D:D:D


we shall also mount full millitary parade complete with hired jets. Watajua hawajui

Could have worked in 2007, not now. Currently, Nasa has been reduced to a luo party with all the defection that we have witnessed. If you talk of ‘kenyans’ know majority are in jubilee

Jubiliots amaze. Maandamano ikiitwa mnaongea isitishwe ikisitishwa bado mko na opinion. Baba is forever in your dreams

they are flexing their constitution right. Or it stops some people from having an opinion?

They are into fanfiction so wacha wahold con event yao (NASACON)…infact sitashtuka nikiskia mse ameenda huko na kuvalishwa number 9 jersey

Rusha matusi kabisa umalize. Calling JP 2 vs 40, and you’re yet to realize naswa demo is a jaluo affair? Can you even name the 42 tribes ile ya GHC class five??

Peanuts sized brains in action.

I was wrong, I predicted opposition will implode by 2020. They have imploded already in 2017 thanks to the wakora judges induced rerun. Opposition is now basically an orgy of violence, thuggery and insults. Its also a Luo party. Brace yourselves the results will not just reTire RAT and opposition but bury them as well.

How now na mwenye akona pesa hana network kwa bunker

baba is worth 400 billion

Fundraiser Zina kuwanga Za?

Richer than Donald Trump.

He Should probably ask trump for advice on how to be president