BREAKING NEWS: U.S Supreme court refuses to hear ANY of Trump's election cases.

[SIZE=7]Supreme Court denies expedited hearings for election challenges by Trump, allies[/SIZE]
[SIZE=6]Supreme Court orders all but guarantee that the challenges will not be heard before Biden takes office[/SIZE]
By Ronn Blitzer , Bill Mears | Fox News
The Supreme Court rejected requests to speedily hear a number of challenges to the 2020 presidential election brought by President Trump and others.
In a series of orders issued Monday morning, the court said it would not expedite consideration of whether it will ultimately hear the cases, which included challenges of the election results in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona and Georgia.

“The motions of petitioners to expedite consideration of the petitions for writs of certiorari are denied,” the Supreme Court said regarding each one.

The move will effectively prevent the issue being considered for full review by the high court before President-elect Joe Biden takes office next week.


One case was a Michigan lawsuit in which attorney Sidney Powell, on behalf of Republican electors, alleged “unlawful counting of hundreds of thousands of illegal, ineligible, duplicate or purely fictitious ballots.” This was one of several cases Powell referred to as the “Kraken,” which were all rejected by lower courts.

In the Michigan case, U.S. District Court Judge Linda Parker said that because the election had already taken place and its results had been certified, it was too late to grant the injunction Powell sought, which would have included blocking state officials from sending the election results to the Electoral College and an order to send certified results that named President Trump as the winner.
Marc Elias, an attorney on President-elect Joe Biden’s legal team, said that Monday was a “bad day for the Kraken” and a “good day for democracy.”


The other cases brought by Trump supporters included one brought by Rep. Mike Kelly, R-Pa., in Pennsylvania, one by Arizona Republican Party Chair Kelli Ward in her home state, and one by attorney Lin Wood that challenged the results in Georgia.
The Supreme Court also denied requests for expedited consideration in cases brought by Trump and his campaign in Wisconsin, as well as one brought by Trump in Pennsylvania.


In other case brought by Georgia Republican electors represented by Powell and Wood also received an adverse ruling. In that case, the electors had requested emergency consideration of a request for a writ of mandamus that would have vacated a lower court order. That order denied their request to decertify the Georgia election results due to alleged fraud.
All of the cases remain on the docket, but the justices have indicated they are in no hurry to resolve the disputes anytime soon.


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