Watu wa dryfry mnafeel aje. .hahaha

A full transplant… hio sio cure bro… very un-affordable!

Kwani unaishi timezone gani?
Ama hukuwa umetumiwa za kutoa?

Transplant of what ?

Sure if you can afford the transplant costs, get a matching donor with the very rare cr5 mutation and get lucky that you are one out of very many who have gone through this and come out still positive

I’m not a conspiracy theorist but any free thinker knows that the cure has always been there since the virus was created in a laboratory somewhere by the big pharmaceutical companies.
The pharmaceutical industry is big business that obviously depends on people being ill.
That combined with the New World order’s ambition to control the world population means that it’s a matter of time before these companies come up with something else.

The cure for all cancers is sat in some lab somewhere but why would they release it when there is a whole industry in the “search for a cure” , “research” etc…
All the Cancer charities, hospices etc…would all but close shop leaving millions unemployed.

As long as someone is making some cash from these life threatening illnesses, the cure will remain unavailable to the masses.

I understand if you think I’m talking gobshyte but im not the one that is brainwashed!
Free your minds.

Don’t throw away the ARVs. This thing is not confirmed

This would cause a nuclear war.

Cure sidhani itakuja soon than some of you are thinking. Practice safe sex

Mboss. Let me help you a bit.

[SIZE=6]I’m not a conspiracy theorist[/SIZE]

what was the sample size ?

Bone marrow


Scientifically, hapo hakuna cure. Sad.

Cancer has killed kings, presidents, billionaires… but they have the cure somewhere in a lab? Are you listening to yourself?

Instead of spewing ignorance all over, just take a few minutes to research the progress in cancer and HIV treatment, and why a cure has been elusive so far.

If you understood a bit of biology, you would know why treatments for cancer for example is not a matter of swallowing a tablet. When your lung looks like it has been dipped in used engine oil, you can’t just grow a new lung.

If the cure for cancer is available for the rich explain to me how Steve Jobs died yet he had all the money in this world to afford the drugs and cure


Hiii nitaaamini ile siku nitaskia mutu ameenda pale KNH na akapewa hio cure akapona ama local chemist

Stem Cell transplant isnt a dependable cure. its too expensive, too painful and the CCR5 mutation is hard to be found