BREAKING NEWS (research) :::: Africoid / Negroe Babies Walk One month Early ...What does this imply ?

DR Frances welsing debates Dr william shokley (a white supremacist) …both highly respected in their own right…

Here is what surprised @LuandaMagere :

…Huyo white supremacist doctor ndio alisema the second point below while agreeing with the first point …they all agree on the research sources…very interesting stuff…

12th min : negroes have superior visual acuity

20th min : negroe babies walk one month early
: etc

[SIZE=7]Africans wake up from slumber…[/SIZE]

@patco @Fabulousblack @Ndindu you have to see this…

We were kings and Queens. What is the need of being able to walk earlier than other races yet we live in shitholes?

Stop using your backsides to think during elections and you will see miracles…

Siasa mbaya maisha mbaya…

Slumber gaani, u know a baby cow starts working the second its born? What does that signify??

Africans are a superior race in most aspect of life ,shida ni equanimity hakuna when making major decisions


[SIZE=7]Please just watch the video , usitoke kwa hii thread empty-handed…[/SIZE]

they explain what the nervous system and brain has to do with babies walking early…(20th min Kwa video)

It’s either you accept what DR Francis welsing says about you negroes or you accept what the world says about you… choose one !

Here’s what the world has to say about you “inferior negroe slaves”

1 …actions speak better than words …right ?


2 …This was considered as science meant to prove negroes were inferior…(racial science)…


can’t have discourse like this in 2021, noma sana

Baby antelopes start running as fast as mom ten minutes after birth but lion cubs take months. Tafakari hayo.

and I guess this is why the left is really pushing for Critical Race Theory to be taught in US schools, minute 16:00 to 17:17

Nonsense. Good politicians alone won’t change your fate

Africans should wake up and DECOLONISE their minds from mental slavery …an inferior race cannot come up with such inventions…