BREAKING NEWS: Raila Finally Confirms He Wants Nusu Mkate

The cat is finally out of the bag. The worst kept secret in modern times.
Speaking a few minutes ago at Chatham house, Raila has called for international mediators to come sort out the mess he thinks we have.

One message to Babu.
There is no crisis. We are ready to curve out Nyanza for you so you can battle it out with Lupita’s father on who will be president there.

My fren, this time round, tulikuonea 18.



Unakula mbuzi mzima kisha mkia unakushinda…pembe ushameza, macho…aaargggrrr! Mimi sio team RWNBP but this fellow is now purely nagging.

Hehee he tried hard to create a crisis with these protests etc but it ain’t really coming along as he’d wish…Hadi protestors wanaomba wapigwe teargas ndio ikue proper maandamano

In such situations ndio mtu hujua you don’t have real friends. Yaani nobody is talking to him or is he just stubborn? Fighting for his new form of democracy where minority rule and dictate everything.

you’ve been barking up the wrong tree…

ikue proper crisis

AND, even if a power-sharing arrangement were to be arrived at, who ever said that this destructive old man should be part of it?

He is undoing his otherwise “good” name as a reformist.

Since when sir? I have always sidelined politics in my dealings here. Just that enough gets to be enough as far as tactics are concern.

Mzee rudi nyumbani upatiwe whitewash na vijana. You know very well you were soundly defeated on 8/8,the wakora judgement gave you a lifeline but the vast majority of silent Kenyans will send you into permanent retirement.

There is no crisis to warrant power sharing or negotiations. All we have are a few Luos with displaced energy.

Just say you are a jubilidiot fool

but mungikis kina @gashwin let me ask you a question , 60% of kenyas economy is in Nairobi if babas people riot daily what will happen to kenya , baba has the numbers in all the slums who can raid the town all day , you cant shoot all the protesters UN will come in , combine that with kisumus economy small or not it contributes a chunk to kenyas economy . Uhuru and baba must sit down and eat half a loaf each after all baba ame zeeka he will be senile before 2022 . na pia muliiba kura mukakataa kufungua server .

Bring it on mate. I cannot be classified into pointless divisions that won’t matter from 2018.

sina la kusema hapa…

This old man is slowly but surely loosing it.

Containing the trouble makers in Kibera and Mathare is kids play. You are lucky Uhuru isn’t ruthless, switch off power and water in the regions with the biggest trouble makers and within 3 days no one wants to throw a stone.

Long time coming

Tulisema kitambo hii mzee haina haja na elections,hapa ndio mahali okoa kenya imetufikisha

give me examples in the world in this ERA where that worked uone nikikutumia kcr zangu zote na mpesa mara hio ?