BREAKING NEWS On Moses Kuria!!!

Gatundu south member of parliament Hon. Moses Kuria has gone missing.
His family says that They have been trying to reach him for hours now with no success since his phones are switched off.

Poetic Justice?

Duncan Mariaria says When Musando died, he said what! should be said to him soonest.

Wasi Petro: The same way Benjamin Washiali kidnapped himself some months back so it is with Moses Kuria. We aren’t stupid. We don’t have sympathy votes in Kenya take that to the bank and wait for interest. The only head of state ever elected by the electorates was Mwai Kibaki in 2002. In those other elections, the system determines who becomes the next CEO of the country


For hours? Jamaa ako juu ya threshold.

I actually hope he is dead or something , this guy knows what happened to msando …ive hated him from kitambo !

Davis Ivan Simeon Maumba:
this is another era my friend. Touching Moses Kuria is worse than causing enough trouble in the country.
He has supporters who can never sleep when he is away. Kuria will be back safe and sound.

Ataenda na tumsahau tu

Maybe the idiot is enjoying the sweet time of a woman.

I would vote in Moses Kuria as president without thinking twice,akishamaliza threshold arudi nyumbani

Mtu kwani haezi jienjoy na ni furahi day

We know you are immortal boss. You will live for a billion years

Exactly. That is how life is.

I hope this worthless piece of crap is dead. But I also hope he died a slow, painful death. I really hope so

Relax boss, MK ni meffi ya kuku lakini its not cool to wish death on someone.

I haven’t had alcohol in 3 years but if he is dead I am having a party at my place and getting very drunk just to celebrate

I wish he dies a thousand times, how about that? Fck him he’s a worthless piece of sht that deserves any bad thing that happens to him

i hate moses kuria coz he is the definition of the average kenyan politician who is usually corrupt , poorly educated and small minded . Such pple are the reason not even 1 black led country is in the first world category …

Moses Kuria is in the same calibre with moi , waititu , sonko , sudi , uhuru , ruto , joho , kingi …all talk and no work but they are worth millions and billions !

Deorro unakuwaga mjinga tu naturally. This is probably the last time your baba will run and he is banking on okuyu support na wewe hapa ni kuongea tu umeffi.

Njaruos are their own worst enemy.

:D:D The way things are going 2022 might be a very tribal election.

You sound like him when msando do went missing

I almost missed that reference! Cheeky!

Moses is not poorly educated. Do your homework properly. He is not in the league of Waititu or Sudi