[ATTACH=full]30672[/ATTACH] Hurrraaaaaaay…!!!

hapo sawa jo.i like this kamjamaa

[ATTACH=full]30660[/ATTACH] This is the guy who will transform Kenya’s soccer fraternity, the players and the heartbroken fans who have never had something to write home for the last 3 decades. Congratulations are in order young man, now get to work and bring back the smiles on Kenyan’s faces. I had sleepless nights trying to imagine one old Sam Nyamwea for another term, you are God sent…

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Ulululululululululululululu! Awiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwi!!!

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Hullabaloo go go Nigger

A thirty six year old.Fresh blood in FKF.We need to see the vigour and energy chnneled into improving soccer within the country.

i like his approach to issues and i hpe he delivers

Listened to him on Nation FM sometime back, time to walk the talk now

ni wa akina nani? kama ni jubilee/cord he must not be allowed to succeed…

Huyu ni kijanaa wa mtaani, hana hiyo UPUSS ya ukafira…

si yeye, ni sisi…

Nyamweya awekwe ndani, roho safi. Si kwa ubaya lakini.

Nyambweha apelekwe kamiti for wasting a whole generation of footballers


why is fkf not yes devolved…I mean 47 counties??


A very visionary guy considering he is only 36. That guy has done a lot for youth in Kariobangi North and he is the owner/patron of Kariobangi Sharks. He has been involved in football at the grassroots for quite some time.

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seeing such a word in matters relating to football is a sign of a greater thing to come.#sportpesa. last time mshwari texted me…congratulations. your mshwari loan limit has increasd frm… and i baggd a whole 11k in a bet. if it so happens…neza reconsider valentine and a full tank tomorrow.

Congratulations Sasa niwakati wetu kukula.

Good for him…Young blood but he needs a lot of support at the grassroot level and the Corporate world.