BREAKING NEWS: Nakumatt lifestyle on fire

huyo soldier ni ka mchanga anarushia moto?

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Sabotage pap!

Hapana. . Anangoja zile panya zina hepa moto agonge mathiokore ya kichwa :stuck_out_tongue:

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hiyo kesi yao na nssf, hadi construction has now been stoped, something had to give!

You may be having a point there. This is a tactic that has been used over and over again to remove stubborn clients in Nairobi.

True. Wale wahindi wa Jack & Jill walibomolewa vitu zikiwa ndani. Hawakuamini, they thought they would use the court process to have their way but the landlord had other ideas.

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Remember also the nakumatt Thika rd branch that was ruthlessly demolished after they lost a case against the government. These fuckers never learn.

That supermarket has experienced too many tragedies; fires, destruction, terrorist attack etc

there could also be some serious collusion with some one working for ther insurer

Nakumatt is jinxed

yeah…must be a tactic for forceful eviction now that they launched an injunction to stop Hazina towers claiming ati al shababu might smoke them

serikali iko na siri kali