BREAKING NEWS: life found on Mars

NASA’s Opportunity and Curiosity rovers as well as the agency’s HiRISE high-resolution camera attached to the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter found photographic evidence of a variety of fungus-like organisms, some resembling the shape of puffballs, a round cloud-like fungus found in abundance back here on Earth, on the Red Planet.

The team argues that these Martian lifeforms “would have evolved on and already be adapted to the low temperatures, intermittent availability of water, low amounts of free oxygen, and high levels of radiation.”

everything is on the rover’s public server

We want aliens not worms.

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They should sell to Bill Gates the Fungi so that he and his Chinese experts can use it to finally wipe the planet clean, right now he has nothing to loose!!!

Anaerobic fungi can survive without oxygen. Hapa tumecheswa

What were we expecting?
Tupe uhondo mdau.

We want them to capture photos of animals or humanoid creatures not stupid fungi. This is no news.

Hivyo sasa ndio watatuletea covid supergrade with power foam plus…halafu sasa mya blame nini…racoons?

Waingie kwa cave system ya mars watapata bonobos za huko

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What if those are the real aliens…or you think aliens must look like what is usually depicted in Hollywood?

Not the planet, just subsaharan Africa

We want a civilisation greater that ours .not a colony of worms.

Honestly am surprised they found anything on that dead rock. We should consider exploring Europa and Enceladus which have liquid water under the surface.

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Mbisha ama it never happened.

Somehow I could just sense this was on the horizon and even made a thread about it last year