BREAKING NEWS : Huawei turns to pig farming as smartphone sales fall.

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It seems Trump won the TRADE WAR. Huawei sales plunged 42% .

[SIZE=7]Huawei turns to pig farming as smartphone sales fall[/SIZE]
By Justin HarperBusiness reporter, BBC News
[li] 19 February 2021[/li][li]Business[/li][/ul]
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Huawei is turning to technology for pig farmers as it deals with tough sanctions on its smartphones.

The Chinese telecoms giant was stopped from accessing vital components after the Trump administration labelled it a threat to US national security.
In response to struggling smartphone sales, Huawei is looking at other sources of revenue for its technology.

Along with Artificial Intelligence (AI) tech for pig farmers, Huawei is also working with the coal mining industry.

Former US President Donald Trump claimed Huawei can share customer data with the Chinese government, allegations it has repeatedly denied.

As a result, the world’s largest telecoms equipment maker has been limited to making 4G models as it lacks US government permission to import components for 5G models.

Huawei’s smartphone sales plunged 42% in the last quarter of 2020 as it struggled with a limited supply of microchips due to the sanctions.

Huawei has also been locked out of the development of 5G in a number of countries, including the UK, amid fears over national security.

[SIZE=5]Team China mlisema Huawei has a new O.S for the year 2021 sijui they will build their own microchips within a few months… :D:D:eek:[/SIZE]

Xiaomi was next on Trump’s radar. Xiaomi lovers akina Jimmy Thanos Otieno na @Nyamgondho. Mmeponea. :D:D:D

[SIZE=7]Huawei turns to AI pig farming as the Chinese tech giant explores new growth areas outside smartphones[/SIZE]
[li]Huawei said it is launching an artificial intelligence pig farming project amid ongoing US sanctions that have hammered its smartphone business[/li][li]Other tech giants, including, NetEase, and Alibaba, have all sought to bring new tech to pig farming in China, home to half the world’s live hogs[/li][/ul]
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Jane Zhang
Published: 9:00pm, 18 Feb, 2021

Chinese tech giant Huawei Technologies Co launched an artificial intelligence pig farming project on Monday as the company pushes into new growth areas while its smartphone business struggles under continued US trade sanctions.

Duan Aijun, president of Huawei’s machine vision business, made the announcement on the microblogging site Weibo without elaborating.

The latest move by Huawei – the world’s largest telecoms equipment maker and China’s biggest smartphone vendor – shows the company is continuing to seek fresh revenue sources after its mobile phone business was crippled by rigid US trade restrictions that cut off access to chips and other US technologies such as Google apps and services. To keep its budget brand Honor competitive, Huawei sold it in November to a consortium of brand partners.

In November, the company merged its smart vehicle business into its consumer segment under the leadership of Yu, the architect of Huawei’s rise as a global smartphone leader over the past two decades.

Hata samsung waliuza mchele at some point. Sioni kwanini unashangilia ka malaya ya mlolongo imelipwa excess. I dont own huwawei,hainikosehi usingizi but its a fine company with nice affordable products. Tuliza mcoondoo na ulale ghaseer:D


The had to rig him out

china population is very big, 1.3b mouths that must eat thrice everyday, hata bill gates has ventured into farming big time, no matter what,. people must eat. some of the richest folks in China are large scale farmers, kuna documentary I watched, one producing 20m bags of rice, yet it’s still a drop in the population.

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niko past kiserian karibu na matasia…

Mikia ikunjwe.

Ngoja uskie hako kamzee kakijisifu leo jioni ati how he has defeated China. Kamezoea kuiba Trump’s glory.

Juzi kalisema kamepeleka explorer space na kurestart NASA, mara kameunda covid vaccines.

Patco mimi ni Samsung lover

Your pain is duly noted. :D:D

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[SIZE=7]Nikkei: Huawei will cut phone production by more than half in 2021[/SIZE]
19 February 2021
Huawei is resolved not to sell its phone division, but it will not be easy going – the company is preparing for tough times ahead. Nikkei reports that the telecommunications giant has notified its component suppliers that it will build far fewer phones this year than it did in 2020.
Huawei will reportedly order enough components for 70-80 million for the whole year. That’s a 60% drop from the 189 million units it shipped last year, which was already a sizable decrease from the 240 million phones sold in 2019.

The product mix will be affected as well, skewing away from the high end. The reason is that Huawei can’t source components necessary to build 5G phones, so it will have to focus on 4G devices. That doesn’t mean no 5G phones in 2021, but we’re already hearing about supply issues for the upcoming Huawei P50.
This could lead to an even bigger reduction in the total number of handsets built – down to 50 million, according to some suppliers. Honor does have broad access to vital components, so it might grow to eclipse its former parent company, but we’ll get a clearer picture at the end of the quarter.
Earlier this month President Biden’s nominee for Commerce secretary, Gina Raimondo, said she has seen “no reason” to lift the trade restrictions off Huawei, maintaining that the company poses a risk to national security.
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