Breaking News:High Court clears Chebukati and Chiloba

High Court has cleared Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) Chairman Wafula Chebukati and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ezra Chiloba to conduct October 26 repeat election. The court has noted that the two were not found culpable by Supreme Court. The suit seeking to bar Chebukati and Chiloba from conducting the repeat poll was filed by three voters, Brian Asin, Ben Wanasakaami and Kevino Alwanga.

The three had filed a case at the High Court under certificate of urgency, seeking to bar the commission from conducting the poll, with the Chairman Wafula Chebukati being the first respondent among nine others. All the six commissioners, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Attorney General Githu Muigai ware also included in the suit.

The petitioners had argued that the commissioners and CEO Ezra Chiloba are public officers at IEBC, therefore, should have delivered credible polls as they raise integrity questions. They wanted the court to issue a conservatory order against Chebukati and Chiloba restraining them from supervising presidential elections.

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Hii tuliona battalion, I know. But because some section of the main media have ignored to report this important decision, we have to repeat it.
So, the demostrations about chiloba must go are waste of time. If court decisions must be respected, this too must be respected


mahakama bandia

Of course. The wakora network at its best.

They are redeeming themselves

Hahaaa, we all saw this coming…so demos za nasa zitakam to an end ama?

they have sunk lower if they were keen on redemption they would have kicked chiloba and co out

hatuwezi we shall continue destroying kiwasco property and anything we deem fit

and does that mean you guys will not participate in the oct 26 elections?

we wont.

Stop trolling

that will give jubilee an outright win…

we shall swear baba in too and secede

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D this kenya mahali inaenda ni Mungu tu…

succession wars on fire, Wakora network expiry date long overdue.

And the ‘revisiting’ day has not been announced yet. Ni kunomaa…

Make sure you got M7 by the balls:D:D

They will appeal but time is up, by next week its all about voting.

hii voting yenye inakaa NASA wataboycott elections