Breaking News: Guka to be Deported to Siberia, Now Quaking in His Boots...

True to their juvenile and and rather immature behaviour, the administrators of this site have threatened to ban me from this site for incitement and hate speech.

They have proceeded to give me a ‘last warning’.

Well, well!

I would like to plead with the administrators not to ban me, pris, pris! I also wish to request all the 20,000 people of all political persuasion who have liked my posts in the past - making them some of the highest liked - to intercede for me. My life will be meaningless if I cannot vent and rant. My heart will surely give in, and I will die a miserable old man in a dark room surrounded by 20 cats.

Please bwana adminstrator have a heart. Why should you do this to an old man, surely? I mean I don’t even insult people with their mathas name like @coldpilsner…so WHY?[SIZE=6] WHY?


You can’t go. Your madness is much required here.

@coldpilsner should be on his way out

Leave Ngabu alone!

Guka should stay. But he also needs to partake in general debates on the forum. He only ever starts his own and thrives on them spreading his own political message. That is not really good…Mr Ukaheo ree.
Cold Pilsner loses it in a worrying way, always about Kikuyu women in the end. At least Grundy jogs along to other non-political gigs.

How does this whining help? Anika warning. Tuanze na kitu iko !

@Grundy is cool. I expect him to support me at my hour of need.

Grundy is cool but why do you rarely visit other threads? is my question.

I also expect endorsements from @uwesmake , @Eng’iti , etc etc (can’t remember all the ferking Babuonists!)

My friend you’re not above the law, Jazzman went because of the same incitement issues sembuse wewe? Ata ukue na likes one million no one gives a ferk! Admin these inciters should be shown the door in fact Guka should be out, warning ya saa ngapi? Bure

Jazz man is around hating as usual. I miss Ruffneck.

Muthee, si itakuja na ile handle ya grand daughter, or was it daughter, au gashungwa…

in support fiud macu. lakini acha kuomba , patia admin instead na hatawahi kukuthreaten tena!

I visit all threads my dia. But most in the politics and general categories…like, didn’t I just reply to the one about Kush and you getting hitched na nikasema lazima nimwage ndaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaani mpaka kwa ovaries? Niki we?

Ukahe RI? Where is Jazzman?

Wanataka kukumaliza kisiasa…

You’re a hate monger and a barbarian. I was almost asking @admin why the double standards. Wewe na saitan @coldpilsner should rot in hell.

I am disappointed in you son…

Your wish will be granted very very soon. I am dying anyway…

You missed the boat Mzee as I am now in a mad rush to get to Doha. He is vvv much here. You cannot miss Jazzman’s hatored.