BREAKING NEWS: Gikomba on fire

Huge fire at gikomba, seems like no help has arrived.

As seen from almost 10kms away at, 6:20am.[ATTACH=full]7855[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]7855[/ATTACH]

Must be the fire from kibera that has spread to gikomba.


dumb ass !!!

ilipanda matatu



Now some thieves in Gikosh are burning their own property so that we blame kibera…

Hapo ni Buru Phs 1 ?

A section of it.

Ahh kumbe we ni mtu wa outering !

Probably flew like the toilets.

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How should I know I lifted it from twitter.

Lakini ni part inaitwa 42 kwa store za ma bale. Otherwise kwingine ni business as usual.

There are rumors of a few heart attacks affecting the mbwanyeyes that own the stores.

I know one owner who suffered close to 4 million loss…It waz a huge task calming her down! Shipment container mzima ilifika juzi yote in flames! Though it’s insured!