BREAKING NEWS: Curfew Imposed On 13 Counties. Now HIV Infections Will Spike In That Region Like In the 1990s

Brace yourselves. Heavy announcement looming by 6.30pm EAT



Ndindu hunaga akili

Ni news ya kuchoma nyama ama ni starehe unatuharibia, mushienzi?


Unless it’s the death of someone who always rejects the outcome of every election then hakuna news ingine natambua…

umbwa wewe kama husemi nyamazisha mdomo

Lockdown in Western and Nyanza

Hio News haiwezi kuwa nzito kuliko zile momo za @rexxsimba

Kenneth kaunda dies after Aaron Ramsey scored yesterday

Kufungia jaruo night vigil na walunje night initiations shudnt distract other serious hardworking kenyans


If it has nothing too do with the demise of the deep state than it ain’t heavy

Nkt. Ati seriously heavy news. Umekosa kazi ya kufanya?
No wonder you post so many silly self-hating posts. Idleness ni mbaya.


I did’t even know about this Covid related news.

I’m Psychic

Jayden is to blame for killing Luos.


Upussss, they let stupid indians into the country without quarantine at the peak of the indian variant crisis and we all know 90% of kenyan indians live in nyanza and western

Vaccine for HIV in stage 3 trials. Uses the same technology as the covid one.

Can they contain that Indian variant before it gets to Nairobi. Why did they have a super spreader event knowing a new variant was rife in Nyanza, when will this fire fighting approach end.