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Mzee ojwang passes on.

Its with deep sorrow we announce the death of mzee wanjau aka mzee onjwang .Rip Mr, BENSON WANJAU.

A great hero has fallen,hats off villagers


Hope your source is credible cz our mzee has been killed various times on social media!


Its true nigga dead…RIP

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Woishe may he rest in peace…

Sai ndio utaona kbc coming to help for his burial arrangements

The icon passed on this evening at around 8pm at Kenyatta national hospital on what is suspected to be a pneumonia attack…it sounds like he was living in abject poverty. Flag should be raised half mast on his honour.

I hear they we’re paying him 10k a month


faultfinders inc.

Due tribute for entertaining the younger me, R.I.P Mzee.


he’s lucky. how many people get anything for doing nothing? Let’s rush to conclusions with all the facts. Let’s not live large today because we have a big name forgetting we shall age, and age comes with consequences for what we do today…


May he RIP

RIP Mzee.

may mzee RIP

You seem so happy abt it. I can actuallly imagine you saying “finally!”. Ati sasa mtu amekufa umepata kitu ya kusema hapa. It could be you next. Its random.

RIP, sometimes death is a release from the problems of this world.

Shamelessly kbc ina tweet vile iko so saddened by his death

RIP mzee Ojwang, Mama Kayai will miss you big time