Breaking News:2 Feared Dead After Horrific Crash At Kiambu Racing Circuit

there was an early morning accident today involving an AMG Mercedes Benz and a Nissan GTR R34. The accident occurred at the Kiambu Ring at a blind S-Bend.It is further reported (howver yet unconfirmed) that 2 are feared dead and one person is in critical condition after the crash that left the 2013 C63 AMG unrecognizable.



German cars ni chuma kweli.the nissan is barely recognisable.

wah wah nissan GTR iko writeoff

mercedes ni chuma kweli

Mercedes inanikalia CLS and not AMG SLS.
CLS Kanakuwanga kasupuu. Although its a large sedan. I once went to a Total motor show and a new one was going for 12m including taxes. Hiyo ilikuwa kwa show ilikuwa ya 2010 or something(It outdid all other cars in matters of quality: Paint work, finese, and interior finishing ilikuwa out of this world). Nilishangaa more than ten zilienda hiyo siku. Si wakenya wako na pesa ya kuspend on impulse.

Hio barabara sio race track

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Niko na mbicha mingi hapa. Acha niweke then kina mharo news wakuje kuiba

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kumbe jamaa wa green lambo alikua pia.hii mambo ya need for speed inafaa kukatazwa.

Ndio hizi zingine from twitter
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shiet, jamaa wa baiskeli ataenda tu home mos mos, those guyz live in extreme poverty and every weekend they get to see rich jamaaz burning a year’s worth of their household budgets running around in nice rides, life is a bitch

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C kwa ubaya but this stupidity of aping everything u see on movies failing to appreciate the people who actually do the races are trained professionals ndiyo itamaliza watoi wa mababi…gari ni driver not the make…

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Accidents happen. Hata paul walker wa fast and furious alikufa…unasema yeye pia hakujua kuendesha.

Do you know how many unskilled drivers die due to overspeeding vis a vis skilled?

Hii ndio shida ya kujifanya the stig’s kenyan cousin.

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  1. paul walker was not driving then
  2. He was an actor, does not necessarily mean he was a skilled driver.
  3. This “accident” was avoidable, excessive speed and lack of skill caused it.

yani mharo isha iba story

alafu kwan hii GTR ilikua inatumia JET-A-1 ndio maana ilichomeka??

Not too bad. Stupid genes ought to self-extinguish.Even the famed boda-boda riders know when not to push limits. You do not need a college degree to know that normal roads are not meant for racing, least of all in a country like ours.

Btw these former bodaboda drivers in 1000cc bikes are next.