BREAKING: Nduare chased violently out of Garissa: Peasants hawacheki tena

Impressive!! Wamuchomba too was almost heckled in Murang’a. Peasants are growing, Ke254 are growing politically

Not forgetting Baba Yao in Githurai… Kenyans are tired and these f-uckers don’t seem to read the mood.


One by one tu. iendelee tu hivyo hivyo

Exactly…Have you seen him in that video literally running for his dear life… Leader of majority f-uckers…hivo ndo mtitimuko utakuwa 2022 :meffi:

2022 ni ngumu sio mteremko even if mtu atakuwa loaded with the whole Arror -Kimwarer loot, @uwesmake 2022

This was fun to watch but the man is going back to Parliament in 2022 unless the clan elders say otherwise.

I think he’s going for the governorship

Looks like a huge risk for him. Word has it that he imported voters in 2017.

He’s been a bit lukewarm on the tangatanga thing.

Very good. It will be a long time before We as kenyans unite but atleast everyone from all corners of this country is starting to see that their own tribesmen who they elected as their leaders dont care for them thanks to devolution. Someday we will all elect better leaders for ourselves and maybe unite in the future. Small steps.

Hapo umesema Tariq Azizi Buteflika… Habari za Tunisia?

:smiley: :smiley: ziko sawa kabsa

Kanjo waliwacha kusumbua hawkers?

SI hata tinga alikua heckled in his backyard. Mawimbi yanakuja.

Hio habari sina boss :D:D:D

Naambia peasants 2022 sio mteremko bana… Hata wabebe the whole Kimwarer -Arror Loot… Afadhali wange wacha pesa i-fund the intended projects… .Wacha tutaona 2022

they are saying the economy is growing and they are increasing their allowances. but the truth the have destroyed the economy and demanding more taxes from the poor.

Baby steps, we shall finally get somewhere

Where he can loot more