Breaking: MCA from north rift ward caught red handed with schoolgirl ( attached nudes )

Aibu gani hii jameni?





Kunakaa okovango delta.

Kíhiiiii humbwer chieth takataka iblisi mkosa mkia.

why do kenyans insist on planting maize when other plants could do better

its in the culture. unga lazima tupate

Old photos keyvici


Or even practicing livestock farming…
Like this girl…
Who’s only mistake was practicing…

Cassava and millet require less input and can feed the nation more effeciently than maize. But bonobos always insist on eating maize products 24/7/365. Especially the western folks.


Hiyo zx ya shamba ni tamu sana

Ya green forest ndio tamu. Especially on those empty patches with lush green grass sorrounded by trees.

Acha matusi chief

Pole aviator

Western folks are bonobos?

We are all bonobos. I just used wesdan as an exambo