BREAKING: Lawyer Paul Gicheru found dead at his home in Karen




there are snakes hiding in the grass

Back to MOI days.

Hasora ameanza kazi buana

Comments from the tweets zunasema ‘kuweni wapole, uyu si Unye’.

It’s time to burn the grass

This is the tenth thread on this story. Despite @Micymas seeing this, utaona ame repost.

@Micymas ni mafii ya umbwa ilidedi na ukimwi last year but 4

He will eliminate all his perceived enemies while the 1st lady prays for us

Kenyans will have to learn the hard way, a 5mins action in the name of democracy can set you back 65yrs.

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Nyayo house basement is getting a facelift , makende lazima zi finywe

You are never safe when you engage in such activites

In Kenya you can never just die. Conspiracy theories will be flooded around. If that fails then umerogwa. Can your body just sometimes fail you and give up? May be the family will give us the reason Why the fellow left us. Tungojee jameni.


You’re clearly lacking in sincerity and seriousness

If you compete with an elephant in a shitting competition,you better be a dinosaur