Breaking :Indonesian Boeing 737 loses contact shortly after take off


It will end up at river-road Nairobi

Indonesia wamezoea sana hii tabia ya ku malaysia ndege. They should be banned from flying by the FAA

Kuna watu wanahara pale kwa c-suite ya Boeing.

Boeing 737 is the most crash-prone plane ever built. There was once like 5 years ago i was flying to capetown halafu last minute nikapata taarifa that we were to use a 737 and not a 747 as they had indicated during booking/payment. I had to cancel that flight and reschedule.

The sharks are already feasting on it as we speak

@T.Vercetti amka kijana:D:D
me no fly shit negroe…contraption:D no sir

This will be the END of this American made piece of STOOL



Hii 2021 imeanza na fujo…

Huyo CEO amehara na kutapika yake yote

Days of America being great are now behind us. US is on the decline. From politics to manufacturing. From global influence to economy. America WAS great.

That was fast.

At least closure to families soonest possible.


737 should have been decommissioned.

but all indonesian pilots should also be given other jobs like sweeping airports

Hii si ni 737-500 not a 737-MAX. Ata ivo the theory of boeing being flying coffins has come to pass

The fall of a kingdom called America.


Noma saaana

Twendi twendi wani…